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Sonix Transcriptionist Program Benefits

  • Sonix refers you new clients but we don’t take any fee. None at all! No fine print!
  • Once you get a lead, you to charge whatever rate you want to your client and you keep all the $$ you deserve.
  • Sonix is an online multi-user platform which means you can easily be added into your new client’s transcript for clean up. The experience is seamless.
  • Once you are part of the program, you will be placed on the Sonix transcriptionist page
  • Sonix is growing insanely fast which means more and more clients need you for transcript clean-up.

Transcriptionists love Sonix

”I love being a transcriptionist for Sonix. The most tedious part of typing everything is already done for you. Reviewing transcripts has never been easier. I just feel privileged to have had the chance to be a transcriptionist for Sonix.”
”I'm a big fan. Sonix does a great job of turning my clients' dictation into a transcript that requires minimal editing.And I love the commitment to continuous improvement of the product.”

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