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All Duke University faculty, students, and administrators receive a premiere academic account which includes:

  • FREE subscription: Premium Plan—save $198 per year!
  • Transcription and captions at $5 per recorded hour
  • Volume discounts available for 100+ hours per month

Academic program for Duke University

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What is Sonix?

Sonix is the best online, automated transcription software for audio and video files in 2024. It's 100% online—that means no software to install.

Fast, accurate audio transcription

Sonix accurately transcribes an hour-long audio or video file in 5 minutes at a fraction of the cost.  Also, easily edit your audio/video file by editing the text directly in your browser.

Loved by the community

“I've tried several different digital software packages and nothing has even approached giving me a usable transcription. The results from Sonix are the best I've seen. And fast. I'd given up on having my recordings automatically transcribed. No more.”
—Dan K. from Los Angeles, CA USA

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