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Sonix automatically transcribes files in minutes. We get them 90% of the way there so you can easily clean up the rest.

Charge the same rate to your clients, while saving time with our software. Join a growing number of transcriptionists that are getting new business from Sonix.

Start transcribing faster today

30 minutes free, no credit card required

Wait really? How do you do this?

First, you upload your audio file to Sonix and we automatically create a draft transcript for you.

Then, we give you the transcript to what we call the AudioText Editor™. The editor stitches the audio to text and allows you to edit audio and text at the same time.

You easily clean up the text in your browser. It is easy to insert, delete, and adjust words and phrases and we’ll maintain the timestamps. You can also create new speakers simply by hitting enter at the start of a new speaker and then inserting the correct speaker name.

Once you are done you can export to many formats and send to your clients. That's it!

Four simple steps to faster transcript production:

  • Upload a file to Sonix
  • Receive a draft transcript in minutes
  • Quickly edit / clean-up the transcript
  • Export and send to your client

Our transcriptionists say they can cut time spent by more than half with Sonix:

“I like Sonix because it does a great job of turning my clients' dictation into a transcription that requires minimal editing. The pricing is reasonable and well-judged and I love the commitment to continuous improvement of the product. So, yes, big fan.”
-- Melissa Harsant, Capital Transcription

“I love being a transcriptionist for Sonix. The most tedious part of typing everything is already done for you. Reviewing transcripts has never been easier. No need for time-consuming playbacks to find what you need. Every word, phrase, sentence you need to review/edit is just one click away.

Aside from the technical part of it, the Sonix team has been great and easy to approach. It's through them that I've met interesting clients with interesting content and topics. I just feel privileged to have had the chance to be a transcriptionist for Sonix."
-- Veronica Rodriguez