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Capturing Great Audio | Convert audio-to-text with Sonix

Recording environment advice

How do I capture great audio? The first thing that I try to do is just always record in a quiet space. So obviously you know reducing the noise and you're environment is super important and everyone says that but it's worth mentioning because it's something that you do need to kind of stress on a little bit.

I have a home studio which is just basically a renovated bedroom that I have converted into a place where I record. I took the closet and I kind of put acoustical tiles in there to make it more conducive to recording and I also try when I can to stand up while I'm talking. I just find that get a better sound that way.

Proper microphone techniques

The next thing that I always try to do is observe proper microphone technique. You know you don't want to be too far or too close to your microphone. The closer that you are the more you risk clipping or overdriving the further you are the weaker the vocal will sound. It might sound a little tinny or just distant and that requires you to do more to bring it up and make it sound good in the forefront of the recording.

I spent a lot of time coaching whoever I'm talking to to make sure that they're staying close to the microphone at all times and they're being in a consistent distance away from it.

Microphone suggestion - Shure SM7B

It also doesn't hurt to have good equipment so what I've tried to do is invest in some decent microphones. I use a Shure SM7B microphone both for myself and for the guest. And I find that they sound really great. I don't have to do a lot to them in terms of processing.

I plug those into a Zoom recorder so I use Zoom H6 and I just find that it does a really great job recording. I've used other audio interfaces in the past and by far this is the best sounding one that I use as my Zoom. So I love to use that.

Editing & cleaning up audio

And then one thing that I like to do is actually edit the podcast you know go in after I've recorded things and take out filler words minimized breath, if I can, remove mistakes, dead air.

You know I'm just kind of clean things up to make things more concise. You know somebody is kind of rambling on and on about something I'll try to shorten it and I find that that does a lot in terms of how people think in terms of the quality of the audio.

Audio clean-up tool suggestions

The more concise that it sounds, the more confident that it sounds by taking out the stammers and stuff you know stutters and stuff like that, it's really helpful. Then I do some audio processing. So I use some plugins. I use one from Izotope called RX Elements and it's a bundled piece of software.

It allows you to take out hums and clicks and just little artifacts that you could find in your audio recording. There's another tool from Izotope that I use called Nectar 2 which has some really cool presets for different types of sounds and so I'll use that once in a while. I'll usually use a compressor to make sure that the audio remains at a consistent level because again it is hard sometimes to get people to stay in the same dynamic range and sometimes you don't want them to.

Sometimes you want them you know depending on what they're talking about. You know if there's excitement you want that to come through but you don't want to overdrive. You know with the sound is for the listener so I use a compressor. And then the final thing that I do is once I bounce down all the vocal tracks and the whole you know podcast basically into an MP3 file, I'll run it through Auphonic which is an online tool.

It's actually a desktop tool as well but most people use it as the online tool, and it's a leveler. And so just make sure that the volume of your podcast is optimized for mobile listening since most people listen to podcasts through mobile.

I found that that does a really good job at keeping you know the volume levels where they need to be. When you plug in earbuds are you putting in your car etc.

So those are the things that I do to get a good sound.

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Full Transcript by Sonix: Taylor Swift interviewed by Barbara Walters


Next is a young woman who moved from Nashville to New York this year and seems bent on global domination. Her parents named her after James Taylor and her fans are called Swifties. If you haven't guessed her name by now you are clearly living under a very large rock. One magazine headline says it best. Taylor Swift is the music industry.

You could say there was one song this year that you just couldn't shake off: Shake it off. Taylor Swift's giant hit single off her a giant hit album 1989. 1989 sold over a million copies its first week. Unheard of these days and was the only album to go platinum in 2014. The one time teen country singer became a pop powerhouse this year. A one woman exception to the rule that in the digital artists cannot make money selling records.

Are you worried about losing fans?

This is your first album of all pop songs. Are you at all worried that you will lose some of the country fans?

I am not worried about that. I'm really in touch with my fans and I know what they like. What my fans in general were afraid of was that I would start making pop music and I would stop writing smart lyrics. Or I would stop writing emotional lyrics. And when they heard the new music they realized that that wasn't the case at all.

Taylor's success is based on her close relationship with her fans. They are called Swifties. They see themselves in her and she sees herself in them.

Your fans feel so personal about you. I mean you're the only one I know who invites people back into your house. Do you still do that?

Yeah, I decided that I wanted to play this entire album for the fans long before it came out. I wanted it to be like this whole secret society gatherings and living rooms. And so I decided to have them in my houses.

We have 89 fans waiting in the living room. The entire 1989 record.

I want to come up with as many ways that we can spend time together and bond because it keeps me normal. It keeps my life feeling manageable.

Is your life normal?

Is your life at all normal?



Not at all. And that's why when I go online and I go on Instagram and I see a post from Emma who lives in Philadelphia and she's talking about how her day was at school that day. That helps me.

You still do that?

It's the only thing that keeps me not feeling overwhelmed by the abnormality of my life.

What's the most abnormal?

The most abnormal thing about my life is having sort of crowds form everywhere you go. And just everywhere. So that starts happening and then you have to take security everywhere you go. All of a sudden you realize that you have not been alone truly for five years.

Taylor has been a star writing and singing her own songs from the time she was 16 when her first country music album debuted.

My senior year.


She's won just about every music award there is. Going on. before our eyes. Her autobiographical songs deal with the problems of growing up and having or not having relationships. But while her fans identify, critics have accused the two autobiographical.

If a guy shares his experience in writing, he's brave. If a woman shares her experience in writing, she's oversharing. And she's she's over emotional. Or she might be crazy or watch out shall write a song about you. Well that is joke is there is that joke is so old and it's it's coming from a place of such sexism.


As she has become more famous so have the boyfriends. Her hits chronicle of high profile relationships that blossom with her die and then get turned into song lyrics. But Just as her music has changed, so has her attitude toward romance.

Love & heartbreak fading to the background

It seems like when I move to New York love and heartbreak and all the things that used to be my main factors in my music kind of faded to the background. Of course love is still very interesting to me as a writer but.

As a writer not as a beautiful young woman?

Now right now.


I just like I just feel really happy and I'm really protective of that.

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