Sonix converts an hour-long audio file
to text quickly in approximately 5 minutes in about 300 seconds in less than 1/10th the time to play it.

Sonix converts audio to text in minutes, not hours 📝

Use Sonix to securely convert audio to text

Converting your audio files to text is now fast, easy, and really affordable with Sonix. Sonix has been independently reviewed as the most accurate automated transcription service.

Our industry-leading transcription service can quickly convert your wav, mp3, and other audio files to text securely. We can help you export the text into into a variety of different formats including Microsoft Word, text files, and subtitle files.

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Audio transcription 🚀

Sonix 将您的音频和视频文件以上 %{v_语言_count} 种语言进行转录,以便于搜索、编辑和共享。 Sonix is the best way to convert audio to text in 2020.  立即注册并开始转录。


包括 30 分钟的免费转录

How Sonix helps you quickly convert audio to text ⚙

Easy steps to convert audio to text:

  1. Go to and create a free trial (no credit card required)
  2. Click upload
  3. Select your audio file
    (Most formats accepted: mp3, .mp4, .m4a, .aac and .wav)
  4. Sonix will convert your audio to text in less than 5 minutes and send you an online transcript
    (Our algorithms quickly convert your audio to text)

Convert your audio to text and:

  • Easily edit transcript with our audio/text editor
  • Really, really fast audio transcription
  • Enterprise-level security
  • No software to download or install
  • Works on all modern browsers

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2020 中最好的自动化转录服务 🚀

使用 Sonix 轻松将音频转换为文本

Sonix 以超过 35 种语言对您的音频和视频文件进行转录、时间戳和整理,以便于搜索、编辑和共享。立即开始免费试用-包含所有功能,无需信用卡。

免费试用 Sonix包括 30 minutes 免费转录

我们屡获殊荣的团队随时准备回答您的问题,您可以自信地进行转录和翻译。 您还可以访问我们的支持中心,了解提示、文章和视频。